The biggest contract for SCADA/DMS and 110kV Unmanned Substations

The contract signing ceremony for package DEP-SPC-SCADA-1, which includes the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the SCADA/DMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Distribution Management System) and 110kV Unmanned Substations, took place on Sept 19th 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City between EVNSPC as the owner and Siemens Consortium including Siemens AG, Power Automation – a joint venture between Siemens and Power Singapore, and Siemens Limited Vietnam. This USD15 million contract has been awarded in connection with the Distribution Efficiency Project (DEP) funded by the World Bank.

The SCADA/DMS system is to be installed and ready for operation by September 2016, and is expected to remarkably improve the availability and efficiency of the distribution networks in 21 cities and provinces in the southern region of Vietnam as well as reduce power losses. Besides, 110kV Unmanned Substations will enable EVNSPC to make a huge saving from more efficient and effective utilization of their labor source.


This is the first project of its type to be implemented in Vietnam and EVN SPC is the pioneer in application.  

“We are very proud to be the pioneer in applying the most advanced technology in the power distribution industry. The SCADA/DMS system, which is designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by Siemens Consortium, will help our company to remarkably improve the efficiency and reliability of the distribution network in 21 provinces and cities in the southern region of Vietnam thus contributing to the economic development in this region. Besides, the 110kV unmanned substations will help us save cost from a more efficient and effective use of our labour source“, said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Duy, President and CEO of EVNSPC.
“Our SCADA/DMS systems are successfully proving their worth in operation for numerous power providers and network operators over the world. And they have now arrived in Vietnam with EVNSPC to be our very first customer. This project is a benchmark in the power distribution industry in Vietnam, making its way to four more similar projects, which will be implemented here in the near future. As the world leading company in power business, Siemens is committed to bringing our best technology and service to Vietnam and offering our best support to Vietnamese customers. As such, we strongly hope to be able to accompany Vietnamese utility companies throughout the exciting journey ahead“, emphasized Dr. Thai-Lai Pham, President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam.
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