Siemens can help Vietnam leapfrog to Industry 4.0

The Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Central Economic Commission, in collaboration with a number of key ministries and central agencies, undertake to host Industry 4.0 Summit 2018 Conference – Exhibition with the theme “The Vision and Development Strategy in the 4th Industrial Revolution” in Hanoi today.




This large-scale international event focuses on discussing the current status of the deployment and application of the Industry 4.0 in Vietnam, the role of policymakers in formulating a proactive approach to Industry 4.0 and international co-operation, as well as on identifying solutions and options to optimize breakthrough technologies in all socio-economic fields.


Alongside with the Conference, the Industry 4.0 Exhibition area gathers 50 booths from leading corporations in various sectors, such as Manufacturing Industry, Agriculture, Energy, Telecommunications, Health, Transportation, Banking – Finance, E-Commerce, etc…




Besides an in-depth presentation on: “Siemens is driving the Digital Enterprise”, Siemens is again extremely honored to receive the Vietnamese Prime Minister at their booth where they, for the first time in Vietnam, showcase MindSphere, which is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens, VR apps for heavy-duty gas turbine H and HL Class, and Digital Twins on MindSphere.


“There has been an intensive exchange among the Vietnamese top government with the Siemens top executives about, how Vietnam can benefit from and to be prepared for the digital age and the era of Industry 4.0, since Siemens has been one of the fore-runners of the Industry 4.0 initiative driven by the German government, German academic institutions and the German industry. Industry 4.0 is the opportunity for Vietnam to leapfrog and to become an industrialized nation in mid-term, and Siemens is highly committed to supporting Vietnam along the way. In particular, we can help Vietnamese manufacturing companies take advantage of the digitalization benefits with MindSphere”, said President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam Dr. Thai-Lai Pham.




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