Siemens strengthens its global brand appearance: “Ingenuity for life”


“Ingenuity for life” sums up what Siemens stands for, and has stood for, ever since Werner von Siemens’ genius was first used for trailblazing initiatives, his engineering expertise and social values.

The “Ingenuity for life” slogan will now appear beneath the Siemens logo, the design and colour of which will remain unchanged.

“For me, ‘ingenuity’ means engineering expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, the power of innovation and the willingness to give our best to society on a daily basis. ‘For life’ means that, for every generation, we at Siemens create long-term value – for the individual customer, employee and citizen, as well as society as a whole,” said Siemens president and chief executive officer (CEO) Joe Kaeser.

With the strengthening of its global brand appearance and the related positioning, Siemens will emphasis its focus on electrification, automation and digitalisation.

“Our competencies in electrification, automation and digitalisation are aiding Vietnam in building up its basic infrastructure and will help to turn Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City into world class cities. Together with our customers, we are proud to make the lives of the Vietnamese people better. This is ‘Ingenuity for life’,” said Siemens Vietnam president and chief executive officer, Pham Thai Lai.