Sponsoring the Youth’s Innovation Day

Siemens sponsors the Youth’s Innovation Day organized by University of Science and Technology (HUST) on June 2nd &3rd, 2015 in Hanoi in which there are over 1,000 students of HUST coming from different departments and institutions in the field of Power, Automation, IT, Bio Clinical Electronics.


A presentation on Siemens Overview and Siemens Healthcare’s Innovations was delivered by Pharmacist Tran Thanh Hai, DX Sales Manager and Mr. Bui Nguyen Canh, IM/CP Application Specialist, Siemens Healthcare which garnered a lot of interests from students in Siemens advanced technologies in healthcare like Lab Automation, Dual Source CT, syngo via reading software as well as IT solutions.


Students also had chance to experience the FreeStyle, the world’s first wireless ultrasound at the booth. Besides, they are also very interested in career opportunities at Siemens.
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