Siemens EM DG held Kick-off meeting with EVN



In August 2017, after competing with many world’s famous bidders in electric consultant, Siemens Vietnam EM DG was honored to be the chosen contractor for the project “ESTABLISHMENT OF SMART GRID ROADMAP IN HANOI FOR EVN HANOI FOR THE PERIOD 2017-2026” and “ENERGY EFFICIENCY URBAN GRID II PROJECT PREPARATION”


The customer – Hanoi Power Corporation (EVN HANOI), who is among the five largest electricity distribution corporations in Vietnam, is responsible for managing and operating the power distribution network up to the voltage level of 110kV in Hanoi Capital city.


Siemens Vietnam will help EVN HANOI in rehabilitating and modernizing systems and practices to improve their technical, planning, operational and management efficiency.


The are two main objectives of project:


  1. Development of a Smart Grid Concept at Hanoi Power Corporation
  2. Identification of Smart Grid subprojects for the “Energy Efficiency in Urban Grids II” project