Siemens AG Board Member Lisa Davis visits Vietnam

Siemens AG Board Member Lisa Davis paid her first visit to Vietnam from 19-21 July 2016. During this visit, Ms. Davis had the honour to meet with the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, who expressed his appreciation for Siemens’ contributions to the development of Vietnam’s economy and requested Siemens’ further support in improving Vietnam’s energy infrastructure and transportation


In response, Ms. Davis expressed Siemens’ gratitude for the Vietnamese government support during the past two decades and emphasized the company’s strong commitment to support Vietnam’s sustainable economic growth, especially in power generation and infrastructure development.

News about this meeting was published on many local newspapers and aired on channel 1 of Vietnam Television (VTV) and Hanoi Television (HTV).

Ms. Davis also met with CEO of EVN and Vice Chairman of PVN. In both meetings, both sides have agreed to boost the level of cooperation higher and stronger in the years to come