Siemens technical training workshop

At the request of the Minister of Health to improve human capacity in healthcare sector through intensive workshops on technical education and service processes and maintenance for medical equipment, the Department of Medical Equipment and Works (Ministry of Health) has cooperated with Siemens Vietnam Healthcare to organize a workshop on: “Training and Technical Service of Medical Equipments – Models and Experience of Siemens Healthcare” today in Ho Chi Minh City.  This workshop provides a useful forum for the promulgation, introduction and exchange of information and knowledge about training, fixing and maintenance of medical equipment so as to increase the return of investment and productivity. It’s also a great learning opportunity as senior experts from Siemens Healthcare shared their skills and experience as well as the state-of-the-art training model that includes modules for useful troubleshooting tips of laboratory diagnostics systems. This one day event has attracted more than 100 participants, who are the management and experts from many healthcare departments, central and provincial hospitals in the southern region of Vietnam.


Siemens Healthcare provides three dedicated training pillars including world-class technical, application and service business education by combining latest technology and innovative methods, expert knowledge and outstanding teaching expertise. It has a strong global presence of training centers in Germany, USA, China, UK, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, and Singapore etc with around 32,300 participants and 3,800 classes per year.


At today’s workshop, apart from presenting Siemens technical education program including the curriculum, training methods, qualification and certification system, Siemens experts shared best practices of service process in order to maintain the highest availability and reliability of medical systems within hospitals through the utilization of internet based remote diagnostics technologies.  Another important topic was how a professional technical service be converted to optimized workflow as well as related clinical benefits.


In the afternoon session, engineers from hospitals were also provided with basic training on urinalysers and useful tips for troubleshooting.


“We highly appreciate the close cooperation of Siemens in capacity building and training for healthcare service engineers in Vietnam in the past. I strongly hope that, through this workshop, management and technical operators at hospitals will be able to catch up and apply what have been presented as best practices by Siemens Healthcare. It’s also expected that participants have fruitful discussions and make sound recommendations to the Ministry in the cause of selecting the right models as well as in developing adequate policies for the management of quality and investment efficiency of medical equipment in the future”, said Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, Director of Dept of Medical Equipment and Works.


“We are very pleased to cooperate with Ministry of Health to organize this workshop. We have been providing our best equipment and products to Vietnam’s hospitals and clinics, as well as empowering their service engineers with sufficient knowledge and skills so that they can fulfill their tasks properly and timely. And by so doing, we can help our customers to significantly improve the quality of patient care and to manage costs efficiently.” stated CEO of Siemens Vietnam Dr. Thai Lai Pham.



An overview of the workshop


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