Addressing sustainable mobility infrastructure for growing cities

Siemens continues to be the major sponsor of Greenbiz event, which took place in Hanoi on 19th and 20th Sep. At this event, the green infrastructure giant presents its green portfolio to assist big cities in Vietnam like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to address challenges in the areas of buildings, lightings, power supply, healhcare, water and security, and especially in transportation.


At GreenBiz 2013, Siemens presents green solutions from its leading environmental portfolio in the sectors Energy, Healthcare, Industry and Infrastructure and Cities showcasing its competence to develop resilient and sustainable cities. In his presentation, Siemens Vietnam President and CEO Dr. Thai-Lai Pham focuses on presenting Siemens specific answers for urban transportation problems in Vietnam, especially for densely populated and highly congested cities like Hanoi and HCMC.


“Increasing populations in cities require efficient mobility solutions in order to bring people in an effective way from A to B. Transportation systems need to be built,   extended and optimized. A combination of public mass transportation system, such as metro lines, environmental friendly buses, such as electric or hybrid buses, and intelligent traffic management system are keys to resolve this dilemma. This is where Siemens comes in: our Complete Mobility approach can create efficient    solutions by interlinking different transportation systems. It is also an effective and economical way to transport people and goods both safely and with minimal harm to the environment. And, our Intelligent Traffic Management System can significantly help to reduce congestions in big cities in the world and in Vietnam”, said Dr. Lai.


From left to right: Mrs. Phạm Thị Thu Hằng, Chief Secretary of VCCI; Dr. Thai-Lai Pham, CEO of Siemens Vietnam; Mr. Nguyễn Cẩm Tú, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade; Mr. Karl Falkenberg, Director General of the Environment Directorate of the Euro Committee; Mr. Gunnar Oom, Deputy Minister of Sweden Trade; Mr. Jaus Zaleski, Deputy Minister of Poland Trade; Mr. David Champion, Vice President of the Eurocham.


Siemens booth at GreenBiz 2013


A visitor is experiencing Healthcare touchscreen


GreenBiz Session Liveable & Sustainable Cities 


Dr. Lai’s presentation on :“Sustainable mobility infrastructures for growing cities” at GreenBiz 2013