2013 Oncology Symposium on Lung and Liver Cancer

On Friday 27th in Hanoi, Bach Mai Hospital in collaboration with Siemens Ltd. Vietnam organized the 2013 Oncology Symposium on Lung and Liver Cancers with an aim to share and exchange clinical knowledge on the latest trends of these two deadly diseases. Distinguished speakers came from the Hoc Mai Foundation in Australia, Siemens Oncology Competence Center in Germany as well as from Bach Mai Hospital. This one-day event attracted about 100 participants spanning a wide spectrum of cancer specialists including oncologists, radiologists and radiotherapists from many institutions located in the north of Vietnam.


Cancer is one of most serious diseases of the mankind and the incidence of this chronic disease is rising. According to Vietnamese Oncology Association, there are about 150,000 newly diagnosed cases each year of which only 50% of these cases are remediable.


Lung and Liver cancers are ranked as top-ten cancers in the South East Asia as well as in Vietnam. In Hanoi, it is estimated that 40 out of 100,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer while that ratio of Ho Chi Minh City is less by 10.


Fortunately, cancer can be cured if it is detected early enough. For instance, the survival rate for those lung cancer cases that are detected at stage 1 is 70%.


With an aim to support Vietnam to fight against these most threatening cancers, Siemens teamed up with Bach Mai Hospital to organize the Oncology Symposium on Lung and Liver Cancer in Hanoi on 27 September 2013. This one-day event provided oncologists, radiologists and therapists with the most advanced clinical applications in diagnosis and treatment of lung and liver cancer.


The distinguished speakers were clinical and technical experts from Hoc Mai Foundation, Bach Mai Hospital and Oncology Competence Center of Siemens Healthcare in Germany. 


“Lung and Liver cancers are the most common and deadly diseases in Vietnam. Apart from causing a high mortality rate, it’s very expensive and complicated in terms of treatment. Hence, we are very pleased to receive distinguished speakers from Australia and Germany to join us in this Symposium.  This is a great opportunity for our oncologists, radiologists and therapists to be updated with the most advanced clinical applications in diagnosis and treatment of lung and liver cancer”, said Prof. Mai Trong Khoa, Vice Director of Bach Mai hospital.


“Being one of the world’s largest healthcare solution providers, we feel it’s our responsibility to bring not only state-of-the-art technology but also incremental knowledge thus enabling our customers to effectively detect diseases earlier, provide more accurate diagnoses and more targeted therapies. Today’s symposium is a clear evidence of our strong commitments to promote knowledge sharing within the healthcare community”, said Dr. Pham Thai Lai, President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam. 


Prof. Kerry Goulston – Vice President of Hocmai Foundation 


Dr. Mai Trong Khoa – Vice Director of Bach Mai Hospital 953

Mr. Fabrice Leguet-Head of Siemens Vietnam Healthcare delivers thank-you gift to speaker from Bach Mai hospital

954Group photo of guests and speakers