To start manufacturing hybrid bus prototype

On Sep 18th , 2012, at the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Hanoi, Siemens Vietnam and Vietnam Motors Industry Corporation (Vinamotor) have signed a contract for the manufacture of an ELFA hybrid bus prototype. The contract signing ceremony was witnessed by German Vice Chancellor cum Minister of Economics & Technology H.E. Dr. Philipp Roesler, Minister of Planning and Investment H.E. Mr. Bui Quang Vinh.
Siemens Vietnam and Vinamotor entered a cooperation agreement in June 2012 to apply Siemens ELFA® hybrid drive technology for city buses in Vietnam. Siemens will supply all necessary ELFA components and provide technical support while Vinamotor will prepare the platform and manufacture remaining parts of the bus for operational readiness. With the Siemens ELFA hybrid drive technology city buses can reduce fuel consumption up to 50% and therefore significantly save operating cost. It also mitigates the impact on the environment through lower exhaust emission and at the same time provides maximum passenger comfort.
The prototype is expected to be finished for first demonstration by July 2013. Upon the successful production and testing, the prototype will be put into experimental operation with passengers on public roads for 3 months before the final performance evaluation. Serial production is expected to be carried out right after the successful evaluation stage.
“As the number of city dwellers in Vietnam keeps increasing, city buses continue to be a major means of public transport. Its role will remain essential in the future when there’re mass transit systems such as metro or mono-rail in place in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Hence, the successful implementation of the hybrid bus project will make a significant milestone in the development of the automotive industry in Vietnam. Being unique of its kind in Southeast Asia, the project will not only help provide solutions for emerging challenges in energy efficiency, cost saving and environmental protection but also open up a great opportunity for this industry in export. Along with it, Siemens reaffirms its strong and long-term commitments to the sustainable development of Vietnam through providing state-of-the-art technologies from its extensive green portfolio. We look forward to a booming hybrid bus generation in Vietnam for a greener Vietnam”, said President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam Dr. Pham Thai Lai.
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