Upgrading DCS software at Phu My 3 BOT Power Plant

On 17th September 2010, Siemens have successfully upgraded the current software version of the existing SPPA-T2000 (formerly know as Teleperm XP) DCS from Version 6.0 to Version 8.5 at Phu My 3 BOT plant (720MW). Within 10 days of outage time, Siemens team has finished the job and handed over to the Client in order to start up the plant on 19th September.


The DCS SPPA-T2000 version 6.0 has been installed since the plant was put into operation in 2002. After many years, the upgrade is required due to two main reasons:


Firstly, the upgrade is needed to counter any difficulties in the future due to the non-availability or obsolescence of the currently used and existing hardware such as computers and LAN components. Also, the newly available components from the same original equipment suppliers are not compatible with the existing software version.


Secondly, with the software upgrade and new hardware, it not only resolves the problem of compatibility and support but also additionally enhances the features as well as increases the speed and performance that can be accomplished in the existing Distributed Control System.


Although Siemens are focusing on sales/marketing of the current DCS system SPPA-T3000, the company will continuously support for the old version SPPA-T2000 in the coming years. After that, a migration to the system SPPA-T3000 is to be recommended.



The meeting to introduce new DCS software SPPA-T2000 version 8.5 at Phu My 3 BOT Power Plant



The new HMI of SPPA-T2000 version 8.5 looks more user-friendly-enhanced control in comparison with the old version 6.0