Polyco Group launches Digital Process Industries Training Center powered by Siemens technologies

On November 14th in Hanoi, Polyco Group joins East Asia University of Technology (EAUT) and Siemens to launch Digital Process Industries Training Center in Polyco premises in order to meet increasing education requirements for digital technologies, especially in the context of Industry 4.0 revolution flowing to Vietnam.




To remain competitive on the market, today’s manufacturers are encountering many challenges which require them to increase their production’s speed, flexibility, efficiency while reducing production time and time to market. Meanwhile, product quality and cost optimization must be ensured at all times.


But the biggest obstacle facing the manufacturing sector today is the lack of skilled training. It is the lack of skilled workforce that hinders productivity and creates a disadvantage against competitors in the same industry. More than ever, there is a critical need for reducing the skills gap, and identifying new skills for the future of manufacturing through education, apprenticeships and industry partnerships.


Therefore, the launch of the Training Center for Digital Process Industries at EAUT is very good timing. Its establishment is the result of cooperation between Polyco Group, EAUT and Siemens in a joint effort to equip present and future Vietnamese engineers with knowledge, skills and latest technologies for digital manufacturing age.




The Digital Process Industry Training Center has been equipped with Siemens automation and digitalization technologies such as Siemens IoT technology, TIA Portal, BRAUMAT automation system, S7-1500 PLC, etc. Students or engineers can learn and practice directly with a real demonstration which includes products from field level to management level applied in industrial production in general and in food and beverage industry in specific. Moreover, learners could visualize five steps in the digitalization value chain for process industries including product design, process and plant design, engineering and commissioning, operation, and services.


In particular, Siemens provides “Train the trainers” courses for professors in East Asia University of Technology about demonstrated technologies here. This is an activity under Siemens Automation Corporate with Education (SCE) program globally. Professors will be provided with knowledge, pre-configured hard and software package from industrial products including accessories. Besides, they are also offered training materials for specific modules for different classes. These will help professors simplify education in automation and digitalization.


At the Digital Process Industry Training Center, Siemens also provides SITRAIN courses. SITRAIN is Siemens training program for industries with content, equipment, trainers that follow Siemens global standards. After the training, learners will be verified to get SITRAIN certificates which are recognized globally.


According to Dr. Dinh Van Thanh, CEO of Polyco Group cum Vice Rector of East Asia University of Technology: “The Digital Training Center is launched timely during the “Transforming Educational Practices with Technology” period. Technology has penetrated into virtually all aspects of education and entwined with educational practices. To effectively benefit from technology applications, it is essential that education professionals make themselves ready for transforming their practices and keep identifying effective ways for transformations in their contexts. The Training Center has applied Siemens’ automation and digitalization technology in diverse modes of education to meet current transformation requirements”.


“Siemens is a world leading company in automation and digitalization. We can provide industries in general and food & beverage industry in specific customized products and solutions, ranging from shop floor level to MES/ERP or to industry cloud base services. I believe Digital Process Industries Training Center will remarkably enhance the human capacity, not only for Polyco group but also for the whole food and beverage industry in Vietnam to face with challenges at present and in the future”, said Dr. Pham Thai Lai,  President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam.