MEDIC’s Aptio becomes fully automated


Medic Medical Center (MEDIC) in Ho Chi Minh City is maximizing its ability to meet the in vitro diagnostic testing needs of its patients by integrating powerful pre-analytical systems, including two Siemens ADVIA 1800 Clinical Chemistry Systems and 4 Immunoassay Systems, into its Siemens Apto Automation Solution. This enhancement will enable MEDIC Lab to run more than 1,500 tests per hour during peak demand.


In addition, the latest Siemens’ CentraLink™ Data Management System will facilitate a more efficient sample flow, auto-verification, quick access to samples and proactive quality control at MEDIC Lab.


Serving about 2,000 to 3,000 patients, MEDIC was the first healthcare center in Vietnam to install Siemens AptioTM Automation Solution in 2013. In reality, it was then the first installation in the whole ASEAN region. Aptio Automation is an adaptable solution that transforms laboratory operations by combining Siemens’ industry-leading workflow expertise with peak performance and intelligent technology. It allows for a phased implementation to accommodate both current and future needs of medium-to very high-volume laboratories.


During the past two years, Aptio™ Automation has assisted MEDIC to optimize the workflow and improve the turnaround time remarkably. The lab’s productivity has increased to around 25,000 tests per day while the turnaround time of chemistry and immunoassay testing has decreased significantly from 60 minutes to 20 or 30 minutes.


“Aptio™ Automation represents Siemens’ latest innovation and vision for how we can help laboratories by combining workflow excellence with clinical excellence. The upgraded Aptio Automation at MEDIC will help increase the number of tests to be performed per day significantly and allow predicted turnaround time, which has never been the case before. Last but not least, it offers broader test menu which is of great beneficial to Vietnamese patients”, emphasized Siemens Vietnam President and CEO Thai-Lai Pham.


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Hệ thống Aptio Automation


Siemens Aptio at MEDIC lab