Campaign “Turn your City Pink”

Continuing its commitment to promoting the early detection of breast cancer around the world, Siemens has launched a campaign with the motto “Turn your city pink! Raise awareness for breast cancer” in Vietnam from May 9th - 12th at Vietnam Medi Pharm Exhibition 2012. The company is encouraging people to spread the campaign motto in their personal environments in the most creative and public ways possible. The color pink is a global symbol of solidarity with breast cancer patients. Participants should document their efforts – in which pink should be a prominently featured color – in photos or a video and upload them to the campaign website: Siemens will donate five U.S. dollars to a non-profit breast cancer organization for each photo or video that is uploaded, and will award great prizes to the most creative participants.


Breast cancer is said to be the most common cancer affecting women over the world including Vietnamese women. Big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have the highest rate of breast cancer. According to the Association of Cancer in Ho Chi Minh City, every 30 out of 100,000 women in Hanoi are affected by this deadly disease while that ratio of Ho Chi Minh City is 20/100,000.


Luckily, the chance of survival from breast cancer is higher today than ever before. And the earlier the first tissue changes are detected and the more systematically they are treated, the higher the chance will get. Routine self examinations are strongly advised by gynecologists. In addition, screening examinations like mammography, ultrasound and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are important because breast cancer does not always show any critical symptoms during its preliminary and early stages.


At Vietnam Medi Pharm 2012, Siemens will have a booth where visitors can collect free brochures about breast cancer and meet with Siemens experts to learn about how advanced imaging system can help detect the disease at the early stage thus increasing the chance of successful treatment. Visitors will also be guided to take part in the campaign with the motto: “Turn your city pink! Raise awareness for breast cancer”. 


Around the world, the color pink is a symbol of solidarity with breast cancer patients. So Siemens is encouraging all Internet users who would like to promote the early detection of breast cancer to upload their own campaign photos or videos to the website. Participants have nearly free rein when it comes to creativity – the only stipulation is that the color pink must be included, for example, on t-shirts, flags, buildings, or vehicles. Siemens will donate five U.S. dollars to a non-profit breast cancer organization for each uploaded contribution. Internet users will vote on the best photo or video of the month on the campaign website. The campaign lasts till July 2012 and winners will each be awarded a pink Apple iPad from Siemens. In addition, Siemens will invite them to attend the donation ceremony scheduled to take place in London in October 2012.


“Women account for more than fifty percent of the world’s population and we all want them to have a healthy and happy life. We should do everything we can to assure that our women be protected from deadly diseases such as breast cancer. Siemens technology enables early and precise detection thus giving affected women a better chance to survive and resume a normal life”, said Siemens Vietnam President and CEO Erdal Elver. 


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