Hospital Workflow Optimization

On 24th June, 2013, Siemens Healthcare Vietnam organized the Symposium on Hospital Workflow Optimization on the occasion of Siemens Vietnam Day 2013, the 20th Anniversary of Siemens’ official presence in Vietnam.


Attending the event were 70 customers who are C-level coming from the all over hospitals of the Northern provinces.


The event started with the introduction of Fabrice Leguet, Head of Siemens Healthcare Vietnam about the current constraints of Vietnam’s healthcare including the hospital overload, budget limitations and how we help healthcare providers to increase the workflow efficiency.


Siemens executive speakers delivered series of informative talks on Imaging workflow, Laboratory workflow and Disease oriented workflow that help healthcare providers raise the quality and productivity in routine examinations.


This event has once again positioned Siemens as the world’s first integrated company in imaging, laboratory and medical information technology for the entire range of patient care from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, on to treatment and aftercare.


Siemens Vietnam Day 2013 concluded with an Appreciation Dinner with the participation of 800 invited guests in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 



Introduction of Laboratory Diagnostics Division presented by Etienne Szivo, Executive Vice President, Siemens Healthcare, Asia Pacific, South Korea and Pacific.


712Wrap-up by Tobias Seyfarth, Senior Vice President, Imaging and Therapy, ASP, Siemens Healthcare & Etienne Szivo. 


713 Group photo at Siemens Healthcare Workshop on the occasion of Siemens Vietnam Day.