Launching hybrid-drive bus partnership

On 13th June 2012 in Hanoi, Siemens Vietnam and Vietnam Motors Industry Corporation (Vinamotor) entered a cooperation agreement to apply Siemens ELFA® hybrid drive technology for city buses in Vietnam. Thereof, a prototype of the ELFA will be built in 2012; Siemens will supply all necessary ELFA components and provide technical support, and Vinamotor will prepare the platform and manufacture remaining parts of the bus for operational readiness. With the Siemens ELFA hybrid drive technology city buses can reduce fuel consumption up to 50% and therefore significantly save operating cost. It also mitigates the impact on the environment through lower exhaust emission and at the same time provides maximum passenger comfort.


Right after the signing ceremony, Mr. Michail Voigt, an expert on ELFA hybrid drive systems from I DT LD, Germany delivered to the attendants a presentation with more insights on ELFA hybrid concepts, its advantages to city buses and examplars from European and Asian countries as well as possible financing scheme by Siemens Financial Services to support customers in additional initial investment for this kind of project.


The event received a great interest and especially honorable presence and witness of Mr. Le Manh Hung, Vice Minister of Ministry of Transport, other leaders from function departments of Ministry of Transport; Mr. Do Nga Viet, Chairman of Board of Members and highest ranking leaders of Vinamotor; Mr. Erdal Elver, President and CEO, and Mr. Christian Beckers, Head of Industry Sector of Siemens Vietnam and many key media and press. 


“We are very pleased to have Siemens as a trusted partner in this project. Their state-of-the-art and environment friendly technology will help improve the quality of our buses thus enabling our customers to have a wider selection of a suitable vehicle, as well as help us implement efficiently directions from our Government and Ministry of Transport on development of manufacturing buses which are safe, environmental friendly, energy saving and cleaner-fuel-driven,” said Mr. Do Nga Viet, Vinamotor Chairman of the Board of Members.


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