Siemens answers for Sustainable Urban Development

Following the success of the first Siemens Vietnam Day in 2009 and in order to offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services that will support big cities like Ho Chi Minh city in addressing the challenges in sustainable urban development, Siemens Vietnam went on to host the second Siemens Vietnam Day. This event took place on the 25th and 26th June 2010 in Ho Chi Minh city under the theme “Ho Chi Minh City 21 – A Green and Sustainable City”.


On the first day of the second Siemens Vietnam Day, Siemens brought its stakeholders together in the largest scale event ever which started with a big conference on: “Siemens Answers for Green and Sustainable Cities”, followed by a tour to the exhibition area and concluded with an appreciation dinner for 350 guests.


At the conference, Siemens Vietnam President and CEO Erdal Elver joined Siemens Division Heads in the region and Vietnam to present all the audience with well-researched recommendations to develop Ho Chi Minh City into a world-class transit oriented metropolis as well as innovative solutions for mega cities like Ho Chi Minh City to successfully cope with rising challenges as a result of urbanization.


The exhibition further showcased how Siemens innovative technologies and solutions could help Vietnam address its challenges and thrive.



Seminar “Siemens Answers for Green and Sustainable Cities”



Appreciation Dinner


On the second day, the final round of the photo contest on the theme of: “Ho Chi Minh City 21 – A Green and Sustainable City” and the award presentation ceremony to winners took place with the attendance of more than 400 students from 20 universities in the city. At this final round, students could view nice photos of their peers and listen to the presentations of 5 best contestants as well as have an unique opportunity to meet with the management of Siemens Vietnam, visiting the exhibition and learning about the innovative solutions and products that the company has been implementing to help transform Ho Chi Minh City into a green and sustainable city.


The jury board has selected one first prize, one second prize, one third prize and two encouragement prizes. The first prize was awarded to first-year student Do Cao Tri from the University of Natural Sciences with the photo titled: “Hỗn tạp” (Mishmash). This photo has successfully and creatively reflected a living space being cramped and overloaded by high density of residents in the duration of urbanization.



Siemens employees with the winners of the photo contest 




“Hỗn tạp” (Mishmash) by Do Cao Tri, first year student from University of Natural Sciences - “A living space being cramped and overloaded by high density of residents in the duration of urbanization”

–> Television news: VTV1 and HTV