The first Open Bore 3T MRI in Ho Chi Minh City

Patients who visit 175 Hospital of the Ministry of Defense for routine or on request Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans have a new reason to be excited as this hospital becomes the first one in Ho Chi Minh City that is equipped with Siemens 3T MAGNETOM® Verio MRI scanner.  This state-of-the-art system offers an excellent image quality, superb diagnostic capability, and exceptional patient comfort thanks to the combination of Tim+Dot technology, powerful 3T and Open Bore 70cm.
At 3T, the MAGNETOM Verio boosts the strongest magnet field strength used clinically today and gives 175 Hospital’s physicians access to many applications, including neurology and functional neurology evaluation, orthopedic and cartilage assessment, and breast, vascular and cardiac imaging. The system’s large 70-cm opening is wide enough to accommodate a diverse array of patients, including those who have traditionally been hard to image, such as children the elderly, and those who are obese or claustrophobic.
With the power of TimTM (Total imaging matrix)+ Dot (Day Optimizing Throughput)  technology, MAGNETOM Verio has up to 102 seamlessly integrated matrix coil elements and up to 32 independent radio frequency channels which allow flexible coil combinations thus making patient and coil repositioning virtually unnecessary.  This also allows increased speed for most MRI exams.
“We are very excited to apply the MAGNETOM Verio technology at 175 Hospital. We believe that this system will allow our doctors to have one of the widest ranges of imaging capabilities, and at the same time being able to tailor our services to patients in almost any situation”, said Ass. Prof. Nguyen Hong Son, Director of 175 Hospital.
“MAGNETOM Verio is one of the most cutting-edge pieces of Siemens MRI equipment on the market today. With this system, 175 Hospital has a powerful magnet that operates at the highest clinically used field strengths thus helping to enhance the workflow significantly and allow the hospital to deliver utmost comfortable imaging experiences to their patients”, said Dr. Thai Lai Pham, CEO of Siemens Limited Vietnam.
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