HEALTHINEERS joined Europe Vietnam Free Trade Agreement Implementation Kick-off and the Launch of the Eurocham Whitebook

Siemens Healthineers Vietnam team co-funded last year and has chaired since the first Medical Devices and Diagnostics (MDD) Industry association of Vietnam,. The association hosted by Eurocham, now federates and provides a unifying voice to most large MDD international companies present in Vietnam.

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Its mission is to engage with governments, regulators, payers, healthcare providers and others to advocate good practices, promote high industry standards and help developing policies which will shape the future of healthcare in Vietnam.

At the occasion of the Europe Vietnam Free Trade Agreement Implementation Kick-off and the Launch of the Eurocham Whitebook (position paper on government policies), Mr. Fabrice Leguet, our local Healthineers GM and Chairman of the association, and Ms. Ha PTT, Head of QT, Healthineers Vietnam represented the industry at several panels bringing vice-ministers from Vietnam together with representatives from the European commission and from the industry.


With more than 400 participants, this event was a great success and a real opportunity to address various topics: among others, the improvement of the regulatory landscape to facilitate MDD products registrations, reduction of illegal imports and improve control of Medical Devices quality in hospitals; the future opening of the market to OEM refurbished equipments; and the promotion of new approaches to Healthcare, like the development of a solid “Homecare” system to reduce hospital workloads and costs in some chronic diseases.

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In our aim to enable access to sustainable, innovative and high quality healthcare for all citizens, the Siemens Healthineers Vietnam team sees his role in not only providing most relevant solutions and services but also in having a strong engagement in the community: a great opportunity to make an impact on the society for Healthineers, both as company and individuals.