Donation of a large scale Picture Archiving and Communication System

In order to help Vietnamese hospitals and clinics like Cho Ray Hospital to mitigate the problem of being massively overloaded with patients, especially at emergency and radiology departments, as well as to optimize their existing resources in terms of both medical staff and medical equipments, Siemens donated a syngo. plaza PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solution to this hospital. The hand-over ceremony of PACS donation takes place today at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. This Healthcare IT solution, which is composed of state- of- the- art hardware and software components plus professional services, will help improve the imaging diagnostics workflows within the hospital significantly thus offering mutual benefits for both the hospital itself and for more than a million of patients attending medical examinations and requiring imaging diagnostics there each year.


By connecting all medical imaging equipments to the users in an integrated hospital wide network, the solution enables, in particular, a fast and easy processing, archiving and transferring of digital diagnostics images across the hospital, with no more need for films. It makes the accessing and reading of images by radiologists and other physicians who are connected to the network much smoother and faster.


The syngo. plaza PACS solution also helps to increase the reliability of patient data, and reduces errors through digitalization of imaging and advanced reading features, making films obsolete. It will also help to reduce costs for the hospital in diagnosis and treatment planning by better optimizing the utilization of existing hospital resources and avoiding some “non value adding” process steps.


Moreover, this hi-tech system will help to save time enormously and reduce the stress for medical staff, which ultimately results in higher patient throughput and improved performance by all aspects.


“We understand very well the challenges big hospitals like Cho Ray Hospital are faced with and thus are convinced that the donated PACS system will support Cho Ray Hospital to optimize their workflow and improve their performance significantly. This will result in higher cost and resource efficiency, while at the same time, providing better healthcare service to the community,” said Dr. Pham Thai Lai, CEO of Siemens Vietnam.


“This system will further demonstrate the utmost importance of IT in healthcare delivery system by streamlining workflows and securing clinical outcomes especially for emerging countries like Vietnam with limited number of trained medical personnel and constrained budgets,” added Dr. Lai. 




Dr. Bernd Montag, CEO of the Division Imaging and Therapy Systems, Siemens Healthcare and Prof. Dr. Nguyen Truong Son, Director of Cho Ray Hospital