Siemens releases the result of Asian Green City Index

On 14 February 2011, in Singapore, Siemens AG held a press conference to announce the results of the Asian Green City Index – a study commissioned by Siemens and performed by the independent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). For the study, which was carried out over the past few months, the EIU analyzed the aims and achievements of 22 major Asian cities including Hanoi – the 1,000 year capital city of Vietnam – with respect to environmental and climate protection. Singapore stands out in particular for its ambitious environmental targets and its efficient approach to achieving them and thus, is Asia’s greenest metropolis.


Hanoi’s overall ranking is “below average”. The city’s best results are in the energy and CO2, air quality, and waste categories. Particular strengths in these categories include relatively low estimated CO2 emissions, a high rate of electricity generated from hydropower, and its efforts to set and monitor standards for air pollution. The city has significant room for improvement in the categories of transport and water, land use and buildings, sanitation and environmental governance.




Overview of the overall Asian Green City Index results: