DF & PD Partner Conference 2018

As a sincere thanks to our partners during the one-year roadmap together as well as setting the benchmark for FY 2019, from 25th to 27th October, Siemens DF&PD Partner Conference 2018 was successfully held at FLC Luxury Resort in Quy Nhon. 

Group Photos


For this year, the Partner Conference on 26th October was a suitable opportunity for DF&PD to apply a theme “Navigate the Digital Ecosystem” in accordance with the latest trend: Innovation in the 4.0 era.





Especially, the conference organized “Speed Dating” sessions which explored topics such as Virtual Engineering & Commissioning, Cloud Connectivity for Shop floor and Digitalization in Practice. These sessions not only delivered theory and information but also brought about the most authentic experience as Siemens had set up the booths with specific products.


Speed Dating_3


As Digitalization in Practice topic, ESTEC company & Anh Duong company, which are one of DF&PD Partner system, took this opportunity to share their experiences applying digitalization to the other partners. At the end of the conference, DF&PD invited an external speaker – Mr Phan Chinh – CEO of Intek to present the topic “Are you ready for leadership 4.0?”


The Gala dinner is a relaxing time for everyone to celebrate the success of the past year as well as sharing, connecting with each other and enjoying the moment through many activities and party performances of the night.