Siemens Vietnam in the spotlight

Radio is still a popular means of communications in Vietnam given its high accessibility, wide coverage and free of charge. With an aim to increase public awareness about Siemens and promote its profile in Vietnam, CC Vietnam has worked with the of Voice of Vietnam (VOV) to conduct 5 interviews with SLV CEO and Sector/Division Heads on important business topics during the last two weeks of November 2012.
The first interview conducted with SLV CEO Dr. Thai-Lai Pham provides the audience with an insight about the history of Siemens AG and Siemens Vietnam as well as our achievements in Vietnam to date. In sharing Siemens future development orientation in this market , Dr. Thai-Lai reinstated Siemens commitments to providing the best products and solutions for Vietnam’s present and future challenges.
Other speakers come from Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure & Cities and Industry Interview with Industryrespectively. Each of them will give the audience an overview of the sector’s portfolio as well as Siemens contributions to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.
2012_12_10_Hanoi_Turtle Tower