Siemens’s 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology

On December 17th 2011, with an aim to provide comprehensive information of advanced 3T MRI technology and applications, Siemens cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City’s Society of Radiology to organize the symposium on clinical 3T MRI in Ho Chi Minh City. The Honored Guest of Lecturers were Dr. Matthias P. Lichy, Associate Professor from Tuebingen University, Germany and Dr. Gregory Antonio, Consultant Radiologist from St Teresa’s, Hong Kong. Around 70 professors and doctors working at radiology departments from all over the country attended this event. 


3T MRI is increasingly being used for clinical diagnostic imaging. The higher MR signal offered by 3T brings clear advantages for many clinical applications. Together with innovations such as Siemens’s Total Imaging Matrix (Tim) technology, Day Optimizing Throughput (Dot) engines and TrueForm technology, 3T MRI has become a clinical reality. 


At the symposium, invited international speakers shared with local radiologists their knowledge and experiences on 3T MRI in the clinical setting. These scientific reports were valuable in defining the role of 3T MRI for neuro, muscular and skeletal as well as body imaging. In additions, Siemens Application experts also showcased the latest applications and technologies for 3T MRI system.


“We highly appreciate the efforts of Siemens and Chi Anh Med Tech, Siemens distributors in cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City’s Society of Radiology to bring such an in-depth training to radiology community in Vietnam. This is a great opportunity for us to network, discuss and share experiences with the world’s leading radiology experts. Besides, this symposium has also updated the local radiologists the world’s advanced medical technologies for further implementation in Vietnam.” said Prof. Pham Ngoc Hoa, President of Ho Chi Minh City’s Society of Radiology.


“Thanks to Siemens’s innovative technology like Tim+Dot, our 3T MRI system has helped to increase 30% of productivity in routine examinations compared with the conventional low- magnetic resonance system. This is very crucial factor for all hospitals in the world, especially for Vietnam, a developing country facing many challenges including lack of medical resources, slow return on investment or ineffective workflow.” Mr Joerg- Uwe Steuk, Business Manger, Magnetic Resonance, Siemens Healthcare, Regional Headquarters.




Syngo via, a new imaging software was demonstrated by Dr. Matthias Lichy to an attendant



70 radiologists attended the 3T MR Symposium