Continuously improving Vietnam’s automation capacity

As part of our commitment to continuously enhancing technical capabilities of Vietnam’s engineering workforce, Siemens Vietnam’s Digital Factory Division has organized numerous automation workshops during the last months for our partners and end-users in the Southern provinces of Vietnam. These workshops aimed at introducing new Siemens products, providing technical training, as well as creating a platform for knowledge and experience sharing. Through lively demonstration and interactive discussion, participants showed very strong interest and appreciation for having these valuable chances to learn about new technologies, which will better facilitate their daily operation and technical projects. These workshops would be continued in other regions of Vietnam as per our Digital Factory Division’s plan as well as upon additional request and demand.


Toan Phat_1

Siemens joins Toan Phat New Technology Co., Ltd to introduce PLC S7-1500 to customers

Toan Phat_2

Introducing PLC S7-1500 via lively demonstration


Technical training for Vina Nha Trang