Conference “Sustainable Energy – on the way to a low emission economy”

The business conference: “Sustainable Energy – on the way to a low emission economy” took place in Hanoi on 24th August as a result of a fruitful cooperation between the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), the German Embassy in Vietnam, and Siemens. This prestigious event has attracted around hundred delegates, who are senior government policy and decision-makers, business leaders and specialists in energy, to come together and evaluate the impact of the world’s energy landscape to Vietnam, as well as to discuss emerging challenges and solutions for a sustainable and efficient energy system for Vietnam.


Hoi thao


The world’s population is growing but the demand for energy is growing even faster. This presents four core challenges for a sustainable energy system: reliable power supply, affordability, climate protection, and resource efficiency. To cope with these challenges, the world’s energy landscape will have to change dramatically to support a high share of renewables from distributed sources, balanced by flexible, efficient fossil power generation and combined with storage solutions and efficient energy use. All are managed by intelligent grids and data networks.


At 24th August’s business conference, participants had a great opportunity to hear senior representatives from Vietnamese government and the business sector share useful information about the world energy landscape with Germany as a reference and about Vietnam’s Power Development Master Plan. They also received an update of technological solutions, which are already available from today to support Vietnam on their way to achieve a sustainable energy mix and a low emission economy. At the same time, they were able to involve in the panel discussion and open dialogues with respected panelist coming from a good mix of background featuring MOIT, German Embassy in Vietnam, SIEMENS, Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN) and Petro Vietnam Power Corporation (PV Power).


“Energy security has always been regarded as a top priority in policy and strategy development of Vietnam’s energy sector. Vietnam has been mobilizing all internal and external resources to serve the development of this important sector so as to ensure a reliable power supply with affordable price in support of the national socio-economic growth, optimize the efficient use of energy resources, as well as promote the use of clean and renewable energy. Remarkable efforts have also been spent on further enhancing the sector dialogue together with all relevant actors in the sector to contribute to a more sustainable energy mix and a low emission economy”, said Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong.


Thu truong Hoang Quoc Vuong


Mr. Wolfgang Manig, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Vietnam said: “Germany has over many years supported Vietnam in increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency both through bilateral development cooperation and also through private sector engagement. Germany is willing to share experiences made in the energy transition. Together with strong partners like Vietnam, Germany is leading the way to decarbonizing the economy which in the face of climate change is an absolute necessity”.


Toa dam


“At Siemens we believe that in order to ensure a reliable power supply as well as to successfully optimize the efficient use of energy resources, while also addressing climate needs for continued decarbonization, it requires the highest level of efficient energy use and the development of renewable energy sources, as well as an intelligent power grid and a high share of distributed power generation. From fossil fuels to renewable energy, from centralized to distributed power, Siemens offers the products and solutions that are responding to the world’s energy and climate needs. We combine smart data with technology know-how to integrate digital and automation technologies, helping our customers optimize their energy operations and building the energy landscape of the future. Many of our advanced technologies have been used extensively in Vietnam and we certainly can do more to support Vietnam on their way to become an industrialized country and to achieve their sustainable development goals”, emphasized Siemens Regional President and CEO Armin Bruck.