Improve women’s health with Siemens’ technology

With an aim to provide comprehensive information of advanced MRI technology and applications in women’s health, Siemens Healthcare cooperated with Tu Du Hospital and National OB/GYN Hospital – the two biggest OB/GYN hospitals in Vietnam, to organize the symposium titled: “MRI in Women’s Health. For Women. For Health. For Life.”  The event was held in Ho Chi Minh City on August 3rd, 2011 and in Hanoi on August 5th, 2011 with the participation of 200 professors, doctors working in OB/GYN department and radiology departments throughout the country. The Honored Guest of Lecturer was Prof Werner Kaiser, Director of Institute for Diagnostics and Interventional Radiology of Jena University Hospital in Germany.


At this workshop, Prof. Werner Kaiser gave valuable presentations on the roles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system in Breast as well as the techniques in MRI Breast. He pointed out that MR Mammography, when utilized appropriately and interpreted correctly, has the highest sensitivity and specificity for breast cancer. Breast MR, while more expensive than X-Ray and Ultrasound, because of its highest sensitivity and specificity, will ultimately save costs in terms of reduction of unnecessary operations/biopsies and minimization of cancer treatment costs.


“Siemens is the world leading supplier of imaging systems of which MRI technology is our pride. We’re providing the best quality and most advanced MRI systems to numerous hospitals and clinics worldwide including that of Vietnam. Given that it is extensively used in prenatal diagnosis for early detection and clinical interventions, we aim to support expecting mothers with a smooth pregnancy as well as to ensure healthy young generations.” said Mr. Elver Erdal, President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam.


This event was another strong indication of Siemens commitment to the development of Vietnam’s healthcare sector, especially in Women’s Health in Vietnam.


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