Helping the victims of the disaster in Japan

In response to Siemens’ international fundraising campaign for helping Japan recover from the double disaster in March 2011, Siemens Vietnam took prompt action to call for donation from employees throughout the country by sending out CEO’s message on 17 March 2011 as well as publishing this information on the company’s intranet. 


Siemens Vietnam employees countrywide have shown their great sympathy and strong support towards the Japanese people by donating a total of 11 million VND in cash. This money was hand-delivered to the Management of Vietnam Red Cross (VRC) by SLV representatives on 14th April 2011 in Hanoi. Together with the donations from other companies and organizations in Vietnam, this contribution will be delivered to the Japan Red Cross for helping the Japanese recover from the disaster.


The spirit of mutual assistance can be seen in other branches of Siemens all over the world as well. As at 15 April 2011, Siemens employees from ASEAN countries altogether have contributed up to 37,099.13 Euro. The total amount of donation from Siemens employees worldwide is now being consolidated and Siemens will match every euro to a special bank account opened for this international fundraising campaign.

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